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Changes in the regulations Inheritance tax in Andalusia 2016-2017: 

The amount of inheritance tax paid in Andalucía differs from other autonomous regions, such as Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia or the Balearics.

The Decree-Law 4/2016, of July 26th, on urgent measures relating to the Inheritance and Donation Tax in Andalusia brings important changes.

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Mortgage Floor Clauses

On the 21 December 2016, the European Court of Justice produced a Judgment, in relation to mortgage loans and the limitations set by the Spanish Supreme Court, regarding the unfair practice of clauses relating to minimum interest rates.

The Bank of Spain has estimated that it will cost the banks about 4 billion euros.


Oriz Meijer

Oriz Meijer was founded in 2007 by Oriz Meijer, formerly with The Madrid Law Firm of Antonio S Juarez, to provide clients with access to all the options available today for resolving property and tax law. Recognizing that most clients do not speak spanish language and are unfamiliar with the legal system and that every legal dispute creates enormous stress, our focus is on understanding each client’s concerns, educating them about their rights and choices and working with them to achieve their goals. Weather is purley acting as a translator or cases taken to the high courts in spain, we at Ortiz Meijer have your Problem Covered.

If you need representation in a criminal matter, a DUI, a personal injury or wrongful death matter or a police misconduct or abuse case, contact Oriz Meijer for a free initial consultation.

The Oriz Meijer Firm has OVER 50 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE providing vigorous, effective and high-quality representation to thousands of clients in both criminal and civil matters.